CivMaster® is an engineering design package produced by Lindenbaum Pty Ltd


TrussMaster helps you to calculate – with ease and accuracy – truss system for internal force and displacement. Normal Force, Nodal Displacement, Element Stiffness Matrix, etc. – all precisely quantified. Results can be exported to MS Excel.



FrameMaster is a full-featured structural analysis software for frame system. You can assign different materials and cross-sections, quickly build up complex structures and run the analysis with a simple clicked and produce nice report of the result.



An analysis tool purely browser based. Fully functioned just as FrameMaster, you can do the same design and calculation without installing the software. Tablet and smart phone are also supported.



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Other Notice about the Products:

  1. Currently FrameMaster and TrussMaster are under testing and are free for education purpose. You can use all the functionalities of these software, however the 'save' function is disabled. If you want to grab the full functioned version, please contact
  2. You may notice that, for some static indeterminate structure, the results from FrameOnline and FrameMaster could be different. That is because in FrameMaster, deformation due to axial and shear force is considered (Timoshinko Beam Model), however in practical use, this part is relatively small (< 1% in most cases) and can be ignored. In FrameOnline, deformation due to axial and shear force is by default ignored.
  3. During installation, your anti-virus may have warning notification. Please ignore the notification and continue the installation.
  4. It is reported that some users will encounter login errors. If it occurs to you, please use our alternative link: Alternative download page (login required first) to download the software. A verification code will be generated for you to run the software.


Besides our range of software, we also do customized software development. We specialize in Engineering software, so if you have a product that needs an accompanying software program, or if you are interested in converting your current internal calculating procedures to a Windows Form application, please contact us for further details.


Language we use: Java, VB.NET, C#, C/C++, Fortran, Matlab, CAD, OpenGL...


As a structural design software provider, we are able to choose the best tool from our dedicated range of softwares when it comes to project modeling and design. We accumulated extensive experiences over the years, and know how to make a complete building model within days and provide sound solutions for our clients.


We offer a wide range of Finite Element structural analytical consulting services.  We can build a finite element model of any structural system and perform a structural analyse.  The results will be provided in a TXT file.  The Finite Element model and the results can be viewed in 3D by a special software, which is provided with the results. We can assist busy consulting offices on project where some specialised analysis is required.


We also provide e-learning services, specialized in 'blended teaching and learning' technology. It combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods requiring the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace. While students still attend "brick-and-mortar" schools with a teacher present, face-to-face classroom practices are combined with computer-mediated activities regarding content and delivery.


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